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"We like the friendly, positive staff. The personal care and the interest that is taken in my dad makes him feel special. Parson House La Porte is clean and very well kept. Parsons House La Porte is in a great location and it is easy to get to." - Terry (Resident's Daughter)

"Since my friend has been here at Parsons House La Porte, I have liked the fact that there was always something to do, and the staff couldn't be any better." - Beth (Family Friend)

"Our Mother came to Parsons House in May 2010 and we have been very satisfied with the staff and the facilities... Our Mother doesn't express herself well, but every indication is that she appreciates the staff. She once pointed to one of her caregivers and said, "That's my friend.""       - The Pritchett Family (Resident's Family)

"I had heard about Parsons House but I didn't fully understand until I experienced it for myself. The staff goes above and beyond my expectations and what they say they are going to do. I am so confident that my Mother is taken care of and I have such peace of mind and am able to sleep at night. All of my family is very happy with Parsons House. All of the staff treat the residents like family!"  - Betty Preece (Resident's Daughter)


"I have lived here at Parsons House La Porte for a year and a half, and the most important thing to me is the staff. They are a bunch of loving and compassionate group. The place is clean, neat and orderly and very well maintained. The activities keep us jumping, the food is delicious. This place is beautiful." - Larry (Resident)

"I am very happy at Parsons House. I love the staff and feel that they always go the extra mile. I didn't choose Parsons, my family picked it for me. I never had any problems getting adjusted once I moved in. I love the food and how quick the staff is to make adjustments if there are ever any complaints. I love being a part of everything that is going on and I wouldn't change my path. Parsons House is my HOME!" - Mildred (Resident)

"The size of Parsons House makes it possible to know most everyone. The staff is helpful and friendly and calls each person by name. There are always activities that can be joined or not as the mood strikes you. The meals are delicious and our only complaint is that we can't hold back and therefore gain weight. All in all, I am most pleased with my decision to choose Parsons House."    - Eleanor Carpener (Resident)


"I have worked for Parsons House La Porte for four and a half years and I can honestly say that here we are one big happy family - employees and residents. It is awesome to work here and an awesome place for our residents to live." - Kelly (Care Giver)

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